• Matthew Lewis

The Corporate Killing Machine

The impact on performance of over working yourself is not always immediately apparent. Like athletes if you "over work" any muscle it will either hurt, tear or stop working to protect itself. That is why athlete follow strict training regimes and good nutrition, sleep and relaxation protocols. However, we do not stop long enough to rest our brains, the biggest and arguably the most important and least understood muscle in the body.

Corporate burnout is going to become the 21st century's biggest killer above, war, gun crime, drugs and obesity. It has become a silent corporate agenda and obsession to be more productive, but even the best machines need a rest, servicing and down time. We are now learning that we are pushing people the point of non-productive and non-engagement and millennials are already rejecting the current work regime having seen the impact on their parents. There is hope. Companies such as Thrive, Virgin Pulse are working on corporate wellness initiates to improve things, and here in the Middle East, N3 Executive Coaching, www.n3ec.com are working with individuals and companies to make them be the best, most rounded, and sustainable they can, before they fall off, the short term, corporate hamster wheel.

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