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No ones is talking about mental health in the UAE

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The average age of stroke in the UAE is 45. Is that a major issue, it is when the global average is 55. So why the big difference. From the latest research an unhealthy combination of poor lifestyle choices, in diet, exercise, sleep coupled with high levels of anxiety and stress massively increase your risk and chances of burnout, stroke, heart attack, diabetes and premature death. At N3 we work to help you train your brain, to reduce stress, to heal your heart, and prevent long term mental and physical health conditions. For more information and a confidential discussion please get in touch. In the meantime thanks to Engage ME for highlighting our work in this area with individuals and corporations.

The UAE’s transformation into an international business capital has been nothing short of astonishing. You only have to look at the growth in population, GDP, and international organizations with headquarters in the Gulf country to see that. Increasingly though, the country has realised that unfettered growth matters little if people aren’t happy.

Perhaps the most obvious example of this shift in attitude is the creation of a ministry of happiness, launched in 2016.

Government isn’t the only party working on mental wellness though. A number of companies across the UAE specialise in workplace mental health:

Here are a few of them:

The Lighthouse Centre for Wellbeing

Situated in Dubai, the Lighthouse Centre offers an array of mental wellbeing services, including mindfulness training, activity therapy, and mental wellbeing check-ups. In the corporate space, it offers counselling for team building, therapy for traumatised employees, and executive coaching.

It also works with HR departments to help companies build happier workforces and provides diversity training and recruitment assessments.

American Center for Psychology and Neurology

The American Center for Psychology and Neurology (ACPN) was founded in Abu Dhabi in 2008. It offers a number of primary and specialized medical care and health education services.

In the corporate space, it uses activity-based learning methods to facilitate “positive change and growth within individuals, groups and organizations through seminars, workshops, and training courses”. Its professional development programmes deal with stress management, anger management, and workplace anxiety, among others.


Miracles is a specialist corporate wellness operator based in Dubai. According to its website, it aspires to “enhance the employee/company relationship by offering a program that promotes and nurtures a healthy working environment, and a genuine employee/employer partnership”.

When it comes to mental health, Miracles offers seminars and workshops on topics such as mind management and work-life balance, meditations and exercises around stress relief and self-confidence, and individual sessions on anger and stress management.

American Wellness Center Dubai

Situated in Dubai’s Health City, the American Wellness Centre delivers mental and therapeutic healthcare services for people of all ages across the UAE. According to its website, the wellness center launched its corporate services as a response to growing evidence that shows mental health affects everything from workplace moral to business bottom lines.

The American Wellness Center offers a variety of counseling and guidance options for work-based needs for groups and individuals. These include cultural acceptance and diversity training, workplace emotional wellness programmes, trauma and critical incident stress management, and executive guidance and coaching.

N3 Executive Coaching

N3 Executive Coaching takes a more holistic approach to mental wellbeing than some of the other companies on this list, combining neuropsychology, data, and biotechnology to provide results-oriented coaching for its clients.

Its executive coaching programme, it says, is designed to help executives “optimise healthy leadership behaviour via a scientifically proven process”.

Its NeuroFIT programme, meanwhile, is designed to train the brain to find balance, happiness and increase functional fitness. The programme, it says, “helps you create new habits and overcome stress related symptoms such as migraine, insomnia, burnout, weight gain, emotional distress or anxieties”.

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