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Executive Health is Serious Business

Hear about the latest development in the field of Applied Neuroscience and how Executive Stress and health is impacting business. We will be running a joint event with Ashridge Executive Education and Hult Business School at 8am on 22nd March at the HULT campus in Dubai Knowledge Village. Professor Justin Kennedy will be revealing the impact of stress on executives and what you can do to get brain fit and survive and thrive.

Ashridge Business Breakfast

"Neuroscience: Executive Health is Serious Business"

Date: Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Time: 08:00 - 09:00

Location: Hult Campus, Internet City, Dubai, UAE

Price: Free

Ashridge Executive Education would like to invite you to attend the second in our series of business breakfast briefings where we will be joined by Professor Justin Kennedy on the topic of: "Neuroscience: Executive Health is Serious Business"

It would seem executives are constantly under stress. This hurts their health and can ruin cognitive ability having a direct impact on company performance. Professor Justin Kennedy, Founding Fellow at Harvard Medical School Hospital Affiliated Institute of Coaching will help us understand how health can affect executive performance and how to develop skills that raise mental performance and ultimately positively impact on business results.

The research and technology Prof. Kennedy employs has been applied by Navy Seals, Lionel Messi, Lewis Hamilton and many busy senior successful executives to improve their ability to deal with stressful situations and achieve peak performance.

If you are a busy executive and want to be more aware of how to control your brain, your reactions, whilst reducing your stress or if you are just curious about how the brain functions, or does not sometimes, this is perfect for you.

Contact as at justin@n3ec.com or Matthew@n3ec.com to reserve your VIP place at the event.

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