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New Year New Brain

Do You Think YOU Need An Executive Coach?

Next year Executive Coaching is the hot topic in Middle East Business. Attend this event to get your Brain A-HEAD!

Executive coaching is now the status symbol amongst leading executives:

“You are valuable asset to this company. Please get a coach to ensure you maximise your brilliant performance.”

As Djokovic said winning Wimbledon: “In terms of ability, there is nothing between no1 & no 100. Who’s mentally stronger, will determine the champion.”

Even President Obama has a coach, (i.e. David Axelrod). Leading companies like Microsoft, has executives get coaches, to keeping their brains sharp.

Elite performers ALL have coaches … shouldn’t YOU?

That’s the Myth :- Only a few are truly ready for executive coaching

Published by Harvard complete the 14 point tick box test can see if your working brain will directly be the cause of you having a heart attack or if your brain is ready for coaching

*N3 applies this is clinically valid test published by Harvard Health 2005 as part of coaching"

"I believe in BRAIN REGAIN”. "Real strong opportunity and strong governance can make any country an exporter of hope and a magnet for talent” His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Coaching is has a powerful impact on executive functions in the brain. It will improve your work performance if applied intelligently.

When should it be applied for executive performance?

Professor Justin Kennedy has developed the solution to answer the question:

How do we improve the performance of our leaders?

N3Executive Coaching offers a bespoke service to ensure executive brain functions enhance: Working Memory; Leadership, Economic Strategy.

LAUNCH: New Year New Brain: N3 Executive Coaching

DATE: 8am Monday 16th November 2015

TIME: Registration from 730am, Talk commences at 8am

VENUE: Capital Club, DIFC

PRICE: 75 AED Members, 90 AED Non Members

RSVP: Due to limited seating

At this launch event you’ll hear about how to turn up your brains potential that improves your businesses performance. There will be a LIVE DEMO of the medical technology to measure and improve brains business performance via

Memory ability

Stress resilience

Improved decision making and problem solving

Before you attend on 16th November 2015, please ask yourself:

- Is your corporate leadership is facing serious challenges this year?

- Like a pro athlete are you willing to work at enhancing your brain’s performance?

On 16th Nov. come have breakfast & find tangible benefits for you and your business

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