Applied Neuroscience in Executive Coaching

'The best investment you will ever make is the one you make in yourself'

It's tough at the top! A move into the C-Suite is often very demanding. Many executives fail because they lack the emotional intelligence (EQ), or cultural intelligence (CQ), or because they 'burn-out'. Our published data shows how the coaching process improves leadership performance and results. Our Executive Leadership Coaching delivers improved cognitive and problem solving skills while under pressure.




We have been studying leaders and leadership for over 20 years, so that you do not have to. We can supercharge your rise to the top. Having assessed, hired and developed over 1,000 leaders over 25 year we know what you need to do to get the to the top and stay there. Our clients find control over symptoms of performance anxiety and stress and sustain their resilience whilst driving results and improving ROI and reducing stress and risk. 

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Executive Coaching for the C-Suite (IQ+EQ+CQ) to be a better, more rounded, empathetic, agile and resilient high performance leader.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Developing a sense of self, emotional and cultural intelligence. Find your inner confidence, courage and strength.

Leadership Coaching

Leadership Coaching

Leading yourself, others and the organisation with EQ, humility, empathy, agility, resilience and grit.


We provide both Virtual/Remote and/or face-to-face Coaching.

During this period of Navigating the New Norm, we recognise that many of our clients are unable to meet face-to-face. We have therefore tailored our bespoke coaching to offer virtual and remote sessions globally. Remote Coaching can be super-high impact, insightful, highly efficient and productive.

  • Remote Coaching sessions consist of 2-hour 'Zoom' or 'Teams' calls, 1-2 times a month.

  • Coaching programmes (remote or face-to-face), take 3-6 months, with 2 sessions a month.

  • Each Coaching programme is bespoke and defined by the executives' needs and kept relevant to the individual and business requirements.

Recent Clients

  • Coaching a CEO through the acquisition, integration and turnaround of a failing business to triple revenues and profit over 3 years, whilst replacing all other CXO roles. 

  • Coaching a Senior Government Advisor on the leadership of a key team in relation to major Government programme. 

  • Coaching a senior female Emirati transitioning into a leadership position with a major Government department. 

  • Coaching a Fortune 500 CEO to migrate from the US to Middle East, lead a multinational team and undertake a major merger - all in 12 months. 

  • Coaching and developing a Director to a regional MD role, whilst helping them to learn to manage a team of peers and become a respected leader.