N3 Executive Coaching

N3 Executive Coaching

N3 is the only company that combines the latest global research, global best practices and applied neuroscience in Executive Coaching.

N3 Executive Coaching

N3 Executive Coaching

The most comprehensive, bespoke, brain based, academically accredited Executive Coaching for executives in emerging markets.

N3 Executive Coaching

N3 Executive Coaching

N3 is the only company that combines the latest global research, global best practices and applied neuroscience in Executive Coaching.



'Changing the World, One Brain at a time'



N3 Executive Coaching is the pioneer of integrated executive career, leadership and health coaching in emerging markets. We are the only provider of academically accredited applied neuroscience in pursuit of peak performance, improved cognition and mental wellness.

Executive coaching is a professional development tool and process aimed at creating behavioural awareness; generating appropriate actions; facilitating change, learning and growth for oneself and others. 

Following 20 years of academic research, design and approval, N3 Executive Coaching starting working with regional executives in 2015. Our programmes specialised in helping executives optimise healthy personal and leadership behaviour via a scientifically proven process.

Applied neural science research and personal data are combined to create a bespoke programme and grant optimal results.

We apply this in the areas of Career, Leadership and Health Coaching to optimise the effect for individuals who want to sustain behaviour changes and also create higher personal performance, combined with improved clarity, work life balance and enhanced mental/physical health and longevity. 




Executive Coaching benefits individuals and corporates alike.

By introducing it into the fabric of your organisation, you can expect:

  • ‘Supercharged’ performance/Productivity improvements

  • Increased engagement/Turnover reduction

  • Better talent attraction and retention

  • Harmonious and collaborative mindset and environment

  • Positive impact on Income and Profit




By using the very latest research and integrating the world’s leading executive coaching practices, N3 Executive delivers outstanding embedded results and behaviours for individuals and corporates in the form of:

  • Improved leadership and management capability and performance

  • Sustained behavioural change

  • Impact on business (ROI)

  • Well-being and stress reduction, reduced risk of burnout

  • Greater self-awareness, mindfulness (EQ) and mental health


‘Change’ is a constant in today’s world and being at the top of your game means lifelong learning - about business and about yourself.


N3 Executive’s coaching is about improving performance and maximising potential. Individuals with the kind of drive that sees them striving to attain promotion, or outperform themselves, need a coach who brings expertise to their work.


Our approach is tailored to each individual’s situation. They may want to develop people management skills, take on a new role or team, or gain a better understanding of themselves and their impact. Or they may want to understand others, leverage diversity, or lead strategic change.


N3 Executive’s coaches work with individuals or teams, using formal & informal approaches. We always review the effectiveness of our coaching because we want to see the results of our work together. We measure personal satisfaction and implementation of actions, as well as shifts in others’ perceptions of how the individual is performing.




  • HiPo’s who need additional support to reach the next level

  • Managers who are valuable to the company but may have key performance issues to address and manage 

  • Executives who have been recently hired or promoted and need to make an immediate impact in the business but integrate culturally.  

  • Onboarding and outplacement or transition support 


The actual coaching process will be modified based upon final agreed criteria.

A briefing meeting will be required to finalise the scope, objectives and cultural competencies to be developed, whilst ensuring an integrated approach.

Executive coaching engagements typically last from 3-6 months or up to 12 months.

Recent Projects 

  • The design development and management of a HiPo development plan for regional local nationals to accelerate their development via coaching in order to create an internal succession plan. 

  • The provision of outplacement, career transition services for a major UK corporate

  • Internal executive coaching to support promotion objectives for key mid level executives in a global bank.