N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

Trusted Adviser, Board and C-Suite Leadership Consulting. Making sure Boards and the C-Suite perform.

N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

Ensuring Succession Planning and HiPo Future Leaders are in place.

N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

N3 Executive - Leadership Consulting

Developing the Senior team to navigate the new norm.



'Independent Expert Advice to Develop your Executive Talent'

Boards and the C-Suite have never been under more pressure to navigate the new norm. Making fast and difficult decisions is not easy and the brain often gets in the way. Our Leadership Consulting expertise helps Boards and the CXO see 'the wood for the trees' to make sound financial and human capital decisions based on data and independent analysis, not just emotions and hearsay. 



In a rapidly changing business environment, navigating the new norm will determine success or failure, surviving or thriving.


N3 Executive sustains high-performing senior leadership teams by co-creating leadership development that ‘supercharges’ collective abilities. Teams can get tired and we know how to revitalise them.


It involves us absorbing everything we can about your business, its people and processes, evaluating individual and joint leadership capabilities. Our resulting judgement is unique - and so it should be - it is based on a body of work that examines people, politics and power, resilience, political savviness

and neuro-diversity.


You know your business like the ‘back of your hand’ and you know what is needed to maintain revenue and growth in the face of rapid change; but can your people keep pace, or will they lag behind?

How do you know if your senior people can transform themselves to become the leaders you need to deliver on your future business strategy?




  • Do you have the right teams in the right markets?

  • Do they complement each other?

  • Can they up-skill for future opportunities?

The process of decoding a combination of personality, adaptability, corporate culture, business models and other variables is highly complex.

It requires keen discernment of both quantitative, ‘hard’ qualities, such as skills and experience; and less tangible ‘soft’ qualities, for example an entrepreneurial mind-set or ability to inspire others.




Board/C-Suite Performance

Boards and the C-Suite typically avoid scrutiny and development, often to the detriment of the organisation and shareholders. Ensuring good Board performance, composition, compliance and governance is key. An independent Board or C-Suite audit/report is invaluable in highlighting potential red flags and then presenting solutions for these.


HiPo/Leadership Succession Planning

‘Fail to plan, plan to fail’…

Succession planning and retention of key executives and future leaders is key to the success and continuity of any organisation.

If you are not looking after your key people, someone else will…

You need to assess, develop and retain them.


Team Leadership Development

There is no 'I' in ‘team’, but there is in ‘win’!

Building, developing and leading a winning team is both an art and a science.

Often, hidden agendas, politics and personality clashes can derail the very best teams. Bringing them together to develop creativity, adaptability, self-reflection, resilience, grit and empathy has major benefits for the business and the people around it.

Recent Projects 

  • Leadership Development of CEO, CCO, CFO and HRD following new CEO appointment and strategic transformation of the business from loss into profit.

  • Strategic Identification and Assessment of future leaders, C-Suite succession plan and design for a global bank. Subsequent development of national talent.

  • NED Board Assessment of a UK plc board and report on performance improvement as per the UK Corporate Governance code.

  • Strategic pre and post deal Leadership Due Diligence on target acquisition.

  • Strategic Hiring and Leadership Development of complete CXO team for complex infrastructure project.

  • CEO Succession Plan for a global hotel group, including 360 assessment of complete C-Suite and appointment of internal candidates.