'Because a change of mind, changes everything'
Our workshops are designed for the specific needs of a company or leadership audience. What counts is not reading, but taking action and practicing new brain
habits and our workshops are a great way to get started. We offer practical workshops that directly impact behaviour change. Learning about
the working brain, along with biotechnology, ensures sustainable and measurable results. All workshops have no more than 20 attendees and are complemented with case studies and interactive discussions. Workshops focus on active brain based theory in a hands-on way, where delegates leave with a personal behaviour plan.

Research shows that executives are at high risk of burnout, with occupational
stress being a global epidemic. According to Harvard, executives in emerging markets are in the highest risk category. Our coaching results show improved health, resilience, IQ, CQ, memory and leadership, which is all based on brain data. Our executive clients leave a legacy by creating happier, healthier and

more productive organisations.

Careers have changed. It's about balanced lives, not just professional existence. The goals of previous generations are not always relevant. N3 Executive coaching ensures you have your goals in place and are focused.  Learning from the C-Suite, this coaching is often run in parallel with mentoring from a senior executive.

We take your corporate talent to the next level in their careers.  This is done in line with the organisational vision and your personal philosophies.

Executive health and well-being is how we build corporate athletes. You cannot be at the top of your game without the right inputs and balance. We help executives move into the C-suite whilst ensuring they are fit for purpose and able to peak perform. This is often very demanding and many fail because they burn-out. Our published data shows how the coaching process improves academic performance and output based on metadata. Executive health coaching delivers improved cognitive and problem solving skills while under pressure. Our clients find control over symptoms of performance anxiety and sustain their happiness, resilience and grit.


  • 1 day C-Suite Team Offsite to explore the brain, performance, stress, anxiety and trust issues amongst the team.

  • 2 day Senior Leadership Seminar and Workshop to break down cross functional/cultural barriers; improve team communication, critical processes and relationships to enhance performance and provide transparency. 

  • 1 day Team Building Exercise to integrate new team members into an existing leadership team in a regional plc HQ. 

  • 1 day Talk and Seminar on leadership and customer experience for a major regional telecommunications group.

Team Workshops & Seminars

Health - Wellbeing - Happiness - Functional Fitness
Performance Programmes - Working Memory - Improved IQ
Performance Programme
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